We all yearn for a relationship where our partner feels what we feel, wants what we want, and loves us unconditionally. Where we never have to fear being rejected, deserted or betrayed. Can this ever really be? Well, there are lucky couples who have found each other and are living “happily ever after.” They are soulmates.

The soulmate tie comes from sharing many past lives together. It is said that soulmates make a pact to reincarnate at the same time so they can experience and learn life’s lessons together. There usually is a very strong love bond between the two souls. However, there can be the opposite--a very strong hate bond. Then the two individuals can be coming together so their souls can work through the hate and turn it into love.

You can be in a soulmate relationship without knowing it. You can be living past-life karma, dramas from past lives together that are blocking your souls’ true love for each other.

How do you know if you are with your soulmate now, or if you have met, or know your soulmate already? Usually when soulmates first meet, they are irresistibly drawn to each other. One person may have a very strong sense that they knew the other from before. A feeling of déjà vu. Or perhaps everything about this person just seems so familiar, but you don’t know why. Within a very short time of meeting, you find a strong kinship, a powerful empathy, and frequently are able to read each other’s thoughts. You may even notice that you think alike, that you process information in the same manner. You may have much in common, perhaps too much for two people who come from different backgrounds. These are some of the clues and signs.

There is another kind of spiritual tie that can occur between two individuals. This is often referred to as Twin Flames. A Twin Flame is where two individuals were together as one “Divine Spark,” which split into two at the time of incarnation. Their life purposes are the same. They are of the same Source. These two souls are usually overjoyed to join as one again. There may or may not have been many shared past lives. If you are one of a Twin Flame, this does not mean that you will not encounter the usual human problems and dilemmas. It does mean, however, that you share the same journey through life and can work together toward a common goal.

Of course the best way to find out for sure if you are with your soulmate or Twin Flame is to have an astrologer do a comparison between your two horoscopes. There are certain signs that will reveal if this is so. Another good way to check out this possibility is to have a reading by a psychic who can look into your Akashic records. These records contain everything that your soul has ever experienced. If you have spent many lifetimes with another soul, his or her imprint would be upon your Akashic record. While you are having the reading, you might want to find out what lessons you two have come together to experience in this lifetime.

If you are in a relationship that comes from a soulmate tie and you are having troubles, it is worth trying to work things out. It is worth getting psychological or spiritual/psychic counseling in order to let the wonderful love bond flow back into your lives.

Whether it be a soulmate relationship or a Twin Flame relationship, the partners can come together at any age. Your soulmate or Twin Flame may not always be your first love or first partner. Sometimes you may only come together to share a brief moment in time. Consider yourself blessed if you have found your true mate, even if only for a short interlude.

© Rochelle Gordon 2004