Your birth name, literally, announces you to the world. Yet, did you know that each letter of your name corresponds to a zodiac sign and embodies that particular quality? For example, “E” corresponds to Gemini and expresses the essence of this curious, social sign. It’s the combination of the letters that spell out your name that “proclaims” to the world how you uniquely approach life.

With Acronphonology, you can learn what your mother’s name reveals about your subconscious, your talents, habits, and abilities… how your first name or nickname reflects the personality you present to others… what your family, married, or professional name reveals about your status, your reputation, individuality… and what changing your name reveals about the person you are yet to be.

“Acrophonology is just like receiving an in-depth personal astrological reading. And, even though we have no choice over when we were born, and thus our astrological zodiac sign, we do have a choice with our name. By changing our names, we can change our circumstances,” says Rochelle, “so you see, there is personal power in your name!”

After years of studying the ancient teachings of the Kaballah, combined with many years as an astrologer, Rochelle Gordon along with her esteemed colleague Shirlee Kiley, developed the science of Acrophonology and authored the book, Personal Power Is In Your Name, published by Dell.