Rules for Name Evaluation

Each letter in the alphabet has its own meaning. These meanings are fully described in Chapter 4, where the dictionary provides definitions for each letter. It spells out what each letter means. You can put together a composite personality description by looking up the interpretation of each letter according to its position in a name.

You can learn a great deal from one name. However, the more names available to you, the greater the insights you will discover about an individual’s personality. For example, the surname will be more enlightening on a business level, whereas socially, it is the currently used first name that counts most.

For proper name evaluation, all of a person’s name must be used.

In the dictionary, you will find the following categories for each letter.

THRUST: The first letter of a name, excluding the surname category listed below.

KEY: The last letter of a name.

FIRST LETTER OF A SURNAME: The first letter of the family name, last, marriage, or professional name used.

HINGE: The middle letter of a name, found only in names containing an odd number of letters.

RANDOM: All other letters in a name.

DOUBLE LETTERS: The same letter placed together in a name—for example, AA, as in “Aaron.”

MULTIPLE LETTERS: The same letter found more than two times in a full name, whether placed together of not.

Evaluation of the Name ELIZABETH TAYLOR


E (Thrust): You have a need to communicate and express yourself, yet you may not always express yourself truly. You can easily over intellectualize and can’t stand being misquoted. You require people around as you must have someone’s ear. You have the gift of gab. A good many of your close relationships tend to be with individuals who are philosophical, adventurous, and bright.

L (Random): You are social and need contact with people. You wish to maintain peace and harmony in your environment. You have a diplomatic flair—relationships are a must for you. You believe that you know what’s best for everyone and you don’t mind telling them so, yet you can be refined, charming, and gracious. You can also be lethargic, indecisive, moody, intractable, and dogmatic.

I (Random): You enjoy the finer things in life, and you tend to expect things to come to you. And somehow things do effortlessly move in your direction. You have the ability to attract possessions and people. You share. You enjoy giving as well as receiving. You can be the most affectionate, kind, and expressive of your love. Your nature is that of a peacemaker. You would rather make love than war. However, you are also pragmatic, practical, and sensible. You know that you need financial as well as emotional security. You will work for and go after what you want. Then there are the sensual, aesthetic, artistic, and earthy qualities deeply embedded in your nature. You are quite demonstrative in your show of affection.

Z (Random): You have intuitive abilities, are inwardly knowing and protected by higher forces. You can tap into these powers to gain the knowledge you seek. Fate may deal a dirty hand, but you are able to rise to the occasion. You are a private behind-the-scenes person, who can become a channel for helping others. But beware of allowing them to take advantage of you.

A (Hinge): You can be impatient and impetuous. You have difficulty dealing with authority. You try to beat the system before it beats you.

B (Random): Financial security is important to you. You tend to be fixed in your habits and thoughts. You enjoy luxuries, being catered to, taking it easy, and above all, expressing your sexuality. You are sensual and brainy at the same time. You may be passive, yet when aroused you are as strong as a bull and as sly as a fox. You can overcome all obstacles that stand in your way. You have inner determination and fortitude. You are a physical creature who desires comforts.

E (Random): You wish to exchange ideas. You have good verbal, expressive, and writing abilities. You relate well, are rational, logical, but can over intellectualize. You are clever, witty, and inventive, yet may be nervous and restless, easily scattering your thoughts. You are a storehouse of trivia.

T (Random): You are idealistic, intuitive, sensitive, skeptical and creative. You desire privacy. You seek knowledge of abstract truths, belief systems and principles, all of which operate within a universal framework. Your deep, compassionate feelings demonstrate themselves poetically. You sensitive nature often gets the best of you, sometimes causing moodiness and depression. You seek answers. You have been know to be a Doubting Thomas.

H (Key):
You tend to wrap things up by taking the most expedient course of action. Status and money are prominent factors in your life. You have a strong drive to earn, which can become a compulsion. Does the name Howard Hughes ring a bell? You are an eleventh-hour person who gets what you need in the nick of time. You desire quality as opposed to quantity. You feel you must achieve on your own. You have strong loner instincts. The close relationships that you do pursue tend to be with individuals who depend on you and who let you tell them what to do. You enjoy being boss and running the show.


T (Surname): You have an aptitude for helping those who cannot help themselves. You are creative; your artistic talents can be put to use in any field. Think, for example of Tchaikovsky, Toulouse-Lautrec, Twinkle Toes, and Twain. Your visions and fantasies will come in handy for work in design, the media, and publicity. Travel intrigues you, which may lead you to international affairs…both business and personal. Your strong urge for freedom is paramount in your job selections. You need mental and emotional space, even if you cannot have actual physical space.

A (Random): You wish to be active and challenged, both mentally and physically, all the time. You have been known to turn others into nervous wrecks. You have an aptitude for problem solving, especially those problems you create for yourself. You desire independence and want to be your own person. You can be assertive and aggressive, as well as brave and forthright. Your tendency is toward headstrong behavior, impatience, and innovative technique. You leap first and look later. Your enthusiasm can carry you away.

Y (Random): You seek out positions of authority, responsibility, status, and ways of achieving monetary success, all in an attempt to overcome deep feelings of insecurity. You must believe that you are in charge of your life. You are willing to work long and hard to achieve your goals. You can be disciplined, self-controlled, calculating, and frugal. You tend to put business before pleasure. You dislike taking orders. Independence is your personal byword.

L (Random):
See above in Elizabeth.

O (Random): You are richly emotional and you try to channel your feelings into constructive uses. You have a highly developed sixth sense. When it comes to your loved ones, you are very loyal and protective. You have strong dependency needs, which you try to control. You have a tendency toward compulsive behavior. You are intense and put all of your energy into everything you do. You can be fixed in your opinions and slow to make changes. However, you are a powerhouse when set in motion.

R (Key): You tend to wrap things up by taking action only after careful consideration. You are self-reliant, outgoing, pioneering, innovative, and forward-thinking. You are willing to take actions and risks once you are set on a course. You have an active, logical, bright mind. You are determined and will fight for what you want. At times you have no patience and a low tolerance for nonsense and nonproductive activity. You weigh and balance all of your decisions. The strength of your mental abilities surface around age twenty-eight. You handle thoughts much better than emotions. Most of your close relationships tend to be with individuals who are social, intelligent, and attractive

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