Full Moon in Taurus, November 2, 2009

TThe Full Moon on November 2 occurs at 19:15 GMT in the sign of Taurus. Astrologically, the period covered by the Full Moon (the days from the Full Moon until 72 hours before the time of the following New Moon) is considered the time to reap rewards, focus on partnerships and relationships, and wind up matters that should be concluded. It is said not to be the most auspicious period to begin anything new.

The time to germinate new ideas is reserved for what is sometimes called the Dark of the Moon. This is the 72 hours immediately preceding the New Moon. (The upcoming New Moon is at 19:15 GMT on November 16.) During the Dark of the Moon, one should be planning and contemplating—not acting upon—anything you might wish to begin or develop.

As we all know, the days and nights surrounding any Full Moon can stir up people’s emotions, and nervous energy seems to be pushing out everywhere. These are the days when hospital emergency rooms are at their busiest, along with the delivery rooms. The police have more civil disturbances to deal with than at other times. So, this is not the ideal time to confront a situation that needs addressing. For this, it would be best to wait until five days after the Full Moon to be on the safe and calm side of things.

In general, a Full Moon in Taurus is considered a good time to participate in matters that call for practical application and determination. It is also a good time for establishing security in financial affairs. Those born between April 27 and May 7, as well as folks born between October 28 and November 7, can find this time especially exciting, active, pressing and emotional. Something they have been waiting for can come to pass or arrive at their doorstep.