New Moon in Scorpio, November 16, 2009

The New Moon should be called the “No Moon” because this is the time when there is no reflection of the Sun’s rays upon the Moon’s surface and we cannot see the Moon at all. This New Moon occurs on November 16 at 19:15 GMT in the sign of Scorpio. Astrologically, the period covered by the New Moon (the days from the New Moon through the time of the following Full Moon) is considered the time to begin new ventures, make fresh starts, and nourish the seeds of a new project, but NOT the time to conclude matters. Conclusions and endings are best left to the Full Moon phase. (The next Full Moon begins December 2 at 7:32 GMT.)

There is a specific time to brew new ideas, brainstorm, or germinate plans for best results. This time is often referred to as the Dark of the Moon. This is the 72 hours immediately preceding a New Moon. During the Dark of the Moon Phase, one should be planning and contemplating -- not acting upon -- anything you might wish to begin or develop. Once the New Moon occurs, then action can be taken during its approximately 14-day phase -- but not before!

As is the case with the Full Moon, within a few days before and after a New Moon, people’s emotions can be aroused. Folks can overreact, becoming touchy and edgy. Tempers can flare. My advice is to let things go if you find yourself in such a situation, whether it is you who is overexcited, or another person. After the emotions (and thus the thoughts) spurred on by the New Moon pass, you will probably feel the aggravation and ensuring actions were not worth it at all.

In general, a New Moon in Scorpio is considered a good time to participate in matters that call for investigation and research. It is also a good time for working alone. Those born between November 11 and November 21, as well as folks born between May 11 and May 21, can find this time especially exciting, active, pressing and emotional. Something concerning their future can come front and center for attention now, most likely of a personal nature.