Do You Believe in Miracles?

We all want to believe in miracles, but we are not so sure that they ever occur—that is until one happens to us. Then there is no doubt.

Marilyn’s life was going great. Everyone in her family was happy, she had a lovely home, she was living her dreams. Then her husband lost his job. Like most people enjoying the benefits of a great economy about ten years ago, Marilyn’s family had no savings for a rainy day. With the loss of her husband’s job, paying bills was now impossible. She went to work, but the money she was earning was not enough to cover the bare necessities. Marilyn resorted to taking cash advances on her credit cards. Instead of living her dreams, she was now living a nightmare.

At the point where she owed $2,000 on one credit card, $8,000 on another, and her husband had still not found a job, a most unbelievable event happened. The $2,000 credit card company credited her account with $10,000 “for absolutely no reason.” This cleared up the balance of $2,000 and left and $8,000 balance in Marilyn’s favor. Marilyn new the credit card company would discover their error. After much soul searching she decided to use the $8,000 to pay off the larger credit card. She knew she would pay back the $8,000 when the error was discovered; but for now, she felt she was given a miracle of time to keep herself financially afloat. It took the credit company about one year to discover their error. By then Marilyn’s husband was at work again and the money was able to be repaid.

Shirley, who lives in New Jersey, while driving alone at night to a friend in Baltimore, somehow got herself lost in an unsafe area of that city. As bad luck would have it, she ran out of gas. She was really scared and did not know what to do. A big burly man driving a white Cadillac stopped beside her and got out of his car. She was terrified to roll down her window. Something told her it was alright. He smiles and asked shy she was stopped in such a desolate place. She explained her plight. Unbelievably, he had a can of gas in his car which he poured into her tank. Shirley could not thank him enough. She said to him, “You must be an angel.” He replied, “You never know when an angel might show up!”

True miracles change the person who receives them in some way for the better. Marilyn said what happened to her changed everything for her. “It gave me hope that there was a way out. It gave me the strength to go on and push aside the fear that we were going to lose everything we had. And it gave me faith that I am being watched over. I had not been afraid like that since.” Shirley says that after that occurrence she has never been afraid for her physical safety again.

It often appears that miracles only happen when we are in big trouble. The miracle brings solutions to the problem through unexpected, unusual and often incomprehensible means. Sometimes the miracle is prayed for, but more often than not, it just happens to the amazement of everyone involved. “It’s a miracle,” we proclaim. But do we have to wait for a crisis to get a miracle? Can’t we have unexpected, unusual, incomprehensible, wonderful things happen when we don’t need to be rescued? Yes we can and do, but we call them “an incredible stroke of good luck.”

Is there a way of bringing incredible good luck and miraculous happenings into our lives on a daily basis with or without troubles afoot? There is. Just look for a miracle. It’s that simple. Keep your eyes and ears open to the little joys that happen in every moment. When we open our awareness to the good that is around us, we open the channels for the Universe to throw a miracle or two our way every now and then.

© Rochelle Gordon 2004